A little old lady wearing red cape roams across the lands and defeats the beasts using a special flower power.

Left and Right keys - Run; Z - Jump; X - Use flower power (shoot); Esc - pause.


Red's rampage is a simple arcade type 2D platformer game where player can run, jump and shoot. Game has 4 levels. Defeat enemies and collect coins to earn points. To earn extra life or health collect apples and hearts. To be enjoyed at all ages and suitable for young kids.


Red's Rampage is a personal project of game artist Ingrida Liepyte. This is an early prototype version for testing purposes only. Currently I do not have plans to continue developing or publishing this game.

As an artist whose focus is on art, I made this game in order to familiarize myself with Unity game engine and I had no prior knowledge about scripting. So please be kind with your feedback and have some understanding if something is bugging or does not run smoothly as expected :)


Game art / animation / sound effects / game development: Ingrida Liepyte.

Soundtrack: Binjoum by Thiaz Itch (which is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 International License.)

© 2017 Ingrida Liepyte. All rights reserved.


Your feedback is of course very appreciated and you can write it in the comments section or by email: ingrida.liepyte@gmail.com

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